WI: Rational police chief calls for cannabis legalization, fight real crime

Wow, a rational police chief. We need more of this guy. Wonder if he is a member of the oathkeepers? They pledge to uphold the constitution not any crazy law the corrupt Federal government passes. 

Anyways, combining this strategy with releasing non-violent criminals and the prison industrial complex will collapse. Big pharma could fizzle out too and save some of the future millions who die from adverse copywritten medications. If we grew hemp we could stop deforesting the planet. And have a healthy source of Omegas from the seed. Hemp also revitalizes soil structures which would be useful in rehab for the environmental degradation of Big Ag.

It is goofy as hell to say what somebody can do with their own body when it causes no harm to others. There are laws that would deal with people if they do anything violent, thieving or otherwise truly criminal. 

Madison police chief supports marijuana legalization