Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual, Corrupt or Coincidence

This rather lengthy article, "The Case Against Rahm," chronicles a well-sourced history of apparently quite corrupt actions under the administration of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Rahm and his friends have been lining their pockets with public money while doing a crap job at whatever service they are supposed to provide for the city. The recipients reciprocate by stuffing cash into Emanuel's campaign funds.

Magic Johnson has a cleaning company with an $80 million contract, pretty funny coming from a guy who got AIDS,  and no surprise the schools are disgusting. The company gave to a summer jobs program and tax write-off $10 million and donated a quarter million dollars to Rahm's campaign.

Another somewhat clear political circle-jerk is seen in the management of the cities billion of dollars in pensions. Managers of one firm have given a half million dollars to Rahm's campaign efforts. This breaks Rahm's own rule against taking money from city contractors and the Securities and Exchange Commission rules against bribing public officials.

Why stop at pensions? The Chicago Public School system is over a billion dollars in the hole and a $20 million no-bid contract was given for the purpose of helping school principals. One board member of CPS appointed by Rahm tripled their CPS contracts with companies they own. One board member started discounting bills to less than $25,000, the ceiling at which board approval is needed. Shady?

There are a few other examples of poor manage but I will skip to Rahm's reduction of the police force budget by $190 million, a 25% reduction in detectives and the resulting massive drop in solved cases from 70% in 1991 to 30% today.