Former German editor confessed being CIA agent manipulator

“I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I’ve been educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public,” Udo Ulfkotte told Russia Today. Ulfkotte was an editor of a large German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and worked for the CIA during that time. He has since repented in the apparent resurrection of the Cold War today, " it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia.”

Here are a couple videos breaking down the editorial control strategy of JP Morgan and the Council on Foreign Relations in the US. The CFR Shillary Clinton joked "tell her what to do." The master manipulators know how to weave strings together and who to attach them to and create their puppet show.

Here is Norman Dodd, former member of a Congressional investigation into the activities of tax-exempt foundations un-American activities. The investigation, and many other like it, were never completed. The material may be dry to some but listening to what he has to say would show some respect to an elder who has some real stuff to say not bitching about how far he had to walk to school.

This is no conspiracy theory as noted in a 1976 Congressional investigation, "The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets."

Cuntdescending State Department PR Shill accuses Russia w/o evidence

This White House press secretary is being a dodgy cunt while she makes unsubstantiated claims about the conflict in Ukraine. Perhaps this is a video posted in the Russia today article "US pulling out its Cold War-era plans over Ukraine conflict, top commander admits." Some cold-war era strategies are pretty fucked up as revealed in documents like Operation Northwoods that propose sinking U.S. cruise ships or downing a charter flight of college students to blame it on the communists. For all we know a drone was used to take down these flights to destabilize Russia's position.

"State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf accused Russia of firing artillery across the border into Ukraine, but refused to give any evidence supporting her claim."

She get's pretty shitty at about 1:12 with her shill smirk about the "preponderence of evidence" that she cannot prove. "Would you prefer I don't give you information and just say nothing if I can't give you the source? No, I'm asking you a question here," she fire's back when asked for proof. Of course she doesn't let him answer her stupid question. As he tries to reply "Marie, I think it would be best for all those concerned." "Are there any other questions?" she asked over him at that point. He continues ,"if when you make an allegation like that, that you are able to back it up with something than just 'Because I say so'." He points out that "when you present your evidence to back up those allegations it has appeared at least for some fallen short of definitive proof. Of course she replies "I would totally disagree with that." It isn't often that these PR front bitches admit they are full of shit, so that response is to be expected. "We don't make determinations until we have facts," she later says. 

Meanwhile economic sanctions are being applied against Russia and AK-47s are selling out