Former DA worker: Planting weapons on police victims standard operating procedure

This claim came from a FOX News legal analyst while discussing the shooting of Walter Scott by police who then were filmed plating a "stolen" taser on the victim. Arthur Aidala said. “Police officers – I hate to say this – would keep a second gun that nobody knew about on their ankle, so if they ever killed someone they shouldn’t have they would take that gun out and leave it.” This certainly would stack the deck in the favor of the prosecution with the supreme value of law enforcement versus a lowly and likely dishonest criminal. I am surprised they did not bother to sprinkle some crack on Scott.

Officer who tasered man and pulled out window had prior incidents

I previously covered this incident in my article "Man tasered and pulled out car window by police in front of kids when trying to see mother on deathbed." The officer involved in the incident over a $25 seatbelt violation has been sued twice for excessive force. The victim in one case settled outside of court after suffering a permanent brain injury. Another case the officer held a family at gunpoint during a routine traffic stop and ended up beating up the mother and putting a child in a chokehold. They also settled. Taxpayers pay for this behavior, the officer does not even lose his job!  Another cop on the scene in the tasering incident was sued for excessive contact but the outcome is unknown.

Man tasered and pulled out car window by police in front of kids when trying to see mother on deathbed

This happened in Hammond, Illinois, and allegedly was due to the drive not wearing a seatbelt. Clearly the cops had no interest in sympathising with this poor guy. Luckily his son caught it on camera. They smashed his window, spraying the daughter with glass, tased the father and pulled the man from the vehicle. They drew a gun on him at first and called him a dumbass referring to the rank on his shoulder. The officer was involved in two prior excesive force lawsuits that were settled by the city and paid out taxpayer money. The family has filed charges against the officer. Here is an excerpt from the article about further abominations of police actions in Hammond:

Hammond police prompted further headlines recently in unrelated cases. One federal lawsuit alleges that an officer barged into a family gathering and shot a pet in the face while it was secured inside its own yard, while another alleges that an officer was filmed whipping a police K-9 and lifting the dog off the ground it by its leash. In both cases, officers were supported by the department, and were not penalized in any way.

Video: Cop Smashes Through Window, Tasers Man As He Refuses To Show ID During Traffic Stop