faux security state

Illegals allowed to fly without ID, can give any name on a form

So according to this you can say you are an illegal and get to FLY into the US. All they have to do is sign a form promising to appear and they can give any name they want.

So if you are a member of ISIS and can do a really good George Lopez then you may be able to fulfill your dream of become an exploding super star in the Jihadi movement and then collect your 72 virgin bounty...

TSA Allowing Illegals to Fly Without Verifiable ID Says Border Patrol Union [Breitbart]

I have to note here that a major reason for mass migration of workers to America is due to "Free Trade" agreements that have undermined peoples local economy and made it ripe for exploitation by crappy corporations like Monsanto. Meanwhile, mega-corporations and entire sectors of our economy in the US are reliant on cheap migrant labor for working in agriculture and cleaning Wal-Marts overnight, among other things. 

I recommend A Day Without A Mexican as a cheesy B movie full of factoids about how reliant the US has become on this dynamic. Should be on NetFlix.

Here is a good article on the effects of so-called free trade. 

Failed Trade Policy & Immigration: Cause & Effect [Public Citizen]

Vid: DC nuclear plant with practically no security

Reporters able to drive into insecure Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power plant on multiple occasions. The plant is located 50 miles outside Washington D.C.. Security not even active at the gates. So much for DHS securing the homeland. Nein! Check the video at the link below.

Lax Security At Nuclear Power Plant Outside Washington [The Daily Caller]