Monsanto's Roundup originally a pipe cleaning chemical, causes kidney failure

If you like GMO Monsanto seed Roundup-ready crops then you must be into heavy metal. I am not referring to music:

form complexes with the arsenic, cadmium and other heavy metals found in the groundwater and soil in Central America, India and Sri Lanka. The glyphosate-heavy metal complex can enter the human body in a variety of ways. The complex can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Glyphosate acts like a Trojan horse, allowing the bound heavy metal to avoid detection by the liver, since the glyphosate occupies the binding sites that the liver would normally latch onto. The glyphosate-heavy metal complex reaches the kidney tubules, where the high acidity allows the metal to break free of the glyphosate. The cadmium or arsenic then damages the kidney tubules and other parts of the kidneys, ultimately resulting in kidney failure and, most often, death.

Regardless of this treacherous toxic chemical's side effects, the US government has tried to force El Salvador to purchase Monsanto products in order to receive $300 million in aid. Since the story went public, the US backed down but has not released the funds. Kidney failures are so prolific in Nicaragua that it has been dubbed "The Island of Widows".

In addition to the origins as a pipe cleaner, glyphosate is mixed with "adjuvants", a chemical cocktail that makes Roundup 125 times more toxic than by itself. Some of the substances included in this proprietary formula have toxicity in the parts per trillion! If you watch The Future of Food, the intro explains how following WWII chemical warfare agents were re-purposed as chemical warfare against pests. 

In the meantime while people blow money on shit they don't need with money they don't have, as George Carlin put it, the majority of the population refuses to invest in the one thing that should be a foundation for a good life, their health.