Police allow journalists in Ferguson riots to be attacked

After the grand jury decided to not indict Michael Brown's killer riots broke out. Two journalists, one from Russia and another from the UK, were attacked and asked police for help who noted that their assailants may be armed. So what is the point in having police there??? Another article linked on that page shows arresting journalists covering protests as well. Seems like a passive way of punishing journalism and not so good for international journalists visiting the US.

2 journalists attacked in Ferguson riots, police refuse to help [RT]

Cop maces and trumps up charges against under-age girl after being dumped

Here is an excerpt from this twisted tale of a girl this cop was engaged in statutory rape since she was 14:

[Alexandria] Quinn says when she turned 17 she told Kelly "she wanted to stop their relationship."
     However, she claims he continued to contact her, and on Oct. 13, 2012, allegedly pulled up alongside her parked car and "without any warning" sprayed her in the face with mace. He then handcuffed her and placed her in the back of his patrol car, she claims.
     Quinn says he then opened a bottle of beer he found in her car "to make it appear that Ms. Quinn was consuming alcohol" and then arrested her for minor consumption.

Woman Says Cop Maced Her After Breakup

Ohio: Police threaten throwing mans daughter into CPS briar patch over ID

Translation, I will get my little corkscrew pig dick so stuck in your ass you will need a crowbar to remove me from your life. See this article on pigs and their corkscrew penis. They threaten to put a two-week kid in Child Protective Services. The police chief said the point made by the officer to put the child into CPS custody should not be viewed as a "threat." Then what was the point in saying something like that!?

They gave two different reasons for pulling them over and brought in a police dog. They said it was for a supposed expired license, but the driver presented a valid license. Then it was for not having headlights on in broad daylight. They also said the passenger looks like a suspect as they try to force him to ID himself. Another apparently scripted claim was that the driver appeared "nervous" as if the CPS threat wouldn't make any parent at all stressed. They threatened to send the dog at him with the young child in the vehicle. The police argued the dog hit on the vehicle, indicating something. The regular bullshit about obstructing justice or an investigation after everything they investigated was proven to be false. This guys girlfriend freaked out at the prospect of losing her child and got out of the vehicle so they could search it. There was nothing reportedly found in the vehicle. Except a new slave to throw through the prison industrial slave complex.

Ferguson cops take gunfire in two incidents, one shot in arm

Seems like some return fire by the people of Ferguson against the police. One officer survived a drive-by on his vehicle while off-duty. Another officer on-duty, tried to chase somebody who opened fire striking him in the arm. A black captain of the Ferguson PD tried asked the crowd to stop the hate, then demanded them to disperse "I'll only ask once". Here is a news clip from CNN.

Police originated with plantations patrolling slaves

This this a great piece from Russia today featuring Solomon Comissiong, the founder of Your World News. Private police like Pinkertons were used to quell dissent with unions, modernized factory slaves. Great footage of a guy getting shot by a pig just for getting his wallet like he was asked. Interesting instructions on how to deal with police too. Sound slike dealing with bears or something.

Don't Run

Speak in a calm even tone

Don't touch

Maintain eye contact at all times

No sudden movement

Also interviewed  is Hawa Bah, mother of a police shooting victim. Her son was shot in bed by police who said he had a knife. He was sick and waiting for an ambulance and got murdered by storm troopers instead. Here is another instance of the authorities idea of medical assistance, Oklahoma Police Taze Bedridden 86-Year-Old Grandmother For “Aggressive Posture In Her Bed”.

Police turns off camera before shooting suspect in forehead

In New Orleans, Armand Bennet, during a traffic stop, he was shot in the forehead apparently over warrants he had from running away from officer Lisa Lewis a week earlier. He actually survived and will be charged for that previous incident. Seems shady as hell that a cop can just turn off the body camera they are supposed to wear so that way we could know the whole story. Another odd aspect is they did not report the shooting happened for two days [Uptown Magazine]. Likely so they could get their story in order. 

New Orleans Police Officer Turns Off Body Camera Minutes Before Shooting Suspect In Forehead[Jonathan Turley]


Cops crew member killed in crossfire over airsoft pistol

This guys is being said to have paid the "ultimate price" for the show. That is not how I would put it. It isn't like he jumped on a live grenade to save people. He was a crew member on a show that makes money while portraying a Crocodile Hunter-ish police state that can endlessly keep itself busy with the multi-generationally PTSD'd poor and minorities of this country. Not to mention all the ad revenues they make. 

So they of course are "investigating" which will take forever. The police claim they had no choice but to act as they did. I wish they released video from possible surveillance cameras. From what is known a suspected robber in a dinner, who turns out to have an airsoft pistol, practically harmless, got into a gun battle with police. It is likely that they shot at this guy first, and when he made a run for it the cops crew member was caught in the crossfire and shot in a part of his vest that was unprotected. Clearly if the guy had an airsoft gun he couldn't have posed a real threat and couldn't have opened fire on police. In war, Rules of Engagement and the Geneva Convention dictate not just shooting unarmed people or without being engaged first. Here is a link to documented instances of violations of Rules of Engagement.

My next post will be about a suspect the police opened fire on killing an innocent bystander. Also, I have a previous post Police Kill Man and Bystander over BB Gun.

'Cops' filming goes bad: Crew member gunned down by Omaha police

Here is one of my favorite bits on the show Cops by Bill Hicks:

Uber weird: Rideshare company sponsors police militarization drills

Operation Urban Shield in Oakland, a police militarization conference has the sponsorship of Uber, a ride-sharing website. It is unclear what their specific rationale is. If it was a MADD conference I'd understand in the sense of preventing DUIs but otherwise I'm like WTF is up with this.

The partnership between ride-sharing behemoth Uber and policing and weapons conference Urban Shield is raising eyebrows. Not only is the tech startup a "platinum" sponsor of the Department of Defense's annual urban warfare convention, one of its executives recently joined the department's business board, leading many to wonder why the seemingly libertarian transportation company is cozying up to the government.

Vid: Guy tells invading cops to fuck off and wins

This guy shouldn't have even opened the door for these crazy pigs. Without a warrant they want to search this guys home. I've had cops try to search me just for smoking tobacco out of a hookah at my community college once. Never consent, it is like letting a vampire into the front door, and ultimately your life. Hopefully people wake up and raise the standard for law enforcement to serve the community rather than badger and probe it. They do have badges and ride around in black and white vehicles. Very badger like in a way.

Never Open the Door for the cops, but if you do, never consent to warrantless searches. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-door-warrant-shut-guy/

Scotland Yard: Corrupt, drug dealing & highly organized.

This Russia Today article, "‘Endemic corruption’: Rogue ex-Met officers sold ecstasy tablets on the black market" resulted from a 2000 report uncovered by the UK Independent. Three ex-detectives appear to have confiscated tens of thousands of ecstasy pills and sold them on the black market. They were of course "investigated" by their likely corrupt fellow police and then acquitted on all charges. "UK police corruption, the roots of which Met officials themselves have admitted are endemic in Scotland Yard." Surely the investigators are not bad guys...

Even if the investigation meant well it is too much of a PR nightmare in their eyes to serve any semblance of justice. I've heard of similar horseshit internal affairs at a non-profit that was robbed of millions by an employee who was just let go and nothing happened. Don't want to to let your public know that you got jacked and think that you are illegitimate and incompetent. Pretty paradoxical, eh?

No surprise when you consider my previous post about "UK Child porn filter adviser made child porn" and this article I will blog on shortly "‘Too many of them’: Warnings on pedophiles operating in Westminster were ‘ignored’".