police militarization

Montana law prevents federal militarization/minionization of police

Montana Governor Steve Bullock just signed into law House Bill 320 which helps insulate their law enforcement from becoming tools for the Federal government and prevents bribing with military grade weapons. This trend of re-purposing military weapons to American police is part of the 1033 program. If bills like this were passed at the local and state level cross country only the National Guard or the military will use these tactics creating a more cut and dry picture of tyranny in America.

The elite are certainly more comfortable with the continued awareness the internet can grant to the population of police brutality, injustices that result and the false flag attacks that have promoted a slew of unjust wars overseas producing demand for such weaponry. The resulting upheaval of a corrupt government can only be suppressed by force, otherwise the will of the people may achieve some real change.

This article cites specifically from the law:

Section 1 of the new law declares:
A law enforcement agency may not receive the following property from a military equipment surplus program operated by the federal government:
(a) drones that are armored, weaponized, or both;
(b) aircraft that are combat configured or combat coded;
(c) grenades or similar explosives and grenade launchers;
(d) silencers; or
(e) militarized armored vehicles.
Section 2 sets additional barriers along the road toward federalization:
If a law enforcement agency purchases property from a military equipment surplus program operated by the federal government, the law enforcement agency may only use state or local funds for the purchase. Funds obtained from the federal government may not be used to purchase property from a military equipment surplus program.

Toddler disfigured by flashbang in bogus raid gets no justice

According to the police state, "deputies were told to anticipate a cache of weapons and armed guards at the home." They found nothing, except this kids face with a flashbang grenade tossed inside his playpen. Maybe he will grow up and join ISIS. I doubt he will have a healthy view of the police. A 23-person grand jury met for six days before concluding no wrong-doing on the part of the officers. I would like to know what kind of people were on that grand jury. Pretty convenient they can manufacture anonymous sources to justify any action they take.

"A search inside turned up neither guns nor drugs. Wanis Thonetheva, who didn’t even live at the house, was arrested later that day without incident and charged only with possession of methamphetamine."

Uber weird: Rideshare company sponsors police militarization drills

Operation Urban Shield in Oakland, a police militarization conference has the sponsorship of Uber, a ride-sharing website. It is unclear what their specific rationale is. If it was a MADD conference I'd understand in the sense of preventing DUIs but otherwise I'm like WTF is up with this.

The partnership between ride-sharing behemoth Uber and policing and weapons conference Urban Shield is raising eyebrows. Not only is the tech startup a "platinum" sponsor of the Department of Defense's annual urban warfare convention, one of its executives recently joined the department's business board, leading many to wonder why the seemingly libertarian transportation company is cozying up to the government.