unnatural gas

My grandmother harassed for gas usage

No, I am not talking about gas she emits, but so-called natural gas she uses to stay warm. She is in her nineties, the last of thirteen kids, and her husband, my grandfather, died over ten years ago. Now she lives alone, most relatives her age have passed, she doesn't really go out much. She has scared the hell out of me a few times being a passenger, so it is good she does not drive. In fact, most driving she did in the past few years was trying to take care of the other poor old timers before they since passed. She does not have much else to wait for, short of more grandchildren born afar. I think she has well-earned the right to be warm in her own home without having to heave layers on her tired old bones.

Back to the point. A seperate notice is sent to her every month, in a seperate envelope with seperate postage. How is that for efficiency hypocrisy? In this letter they have the nerve to tell her she uses more gas than her neighbors and she should cut back her usage. Of course her personal background is not known to the gas company, as it well should not be any of their business. So long as she pays the bills she should be a valued customer. She told me that when she used oil to heat her home the oil saleman would regularly joke she didn't use enough oil.

Nowadays, with the collectivist hope to micromanage peoples personal lives to save the planet, which they are doing a shit job at. So-called smart-meters could eventually be cut off utilities for percieved high or misusage. Meanwhile old-folks, among other potential victims, of these policies would be stuck having to navigate bureacracy to remedy their situation. Off course some rebels will come out of the woodwork to hack or workaround the red tape and nonsense like de Niro's character in Brazil (a must watch on dystopian bureacracies).

Back to the notice, it says at the bottom to call a number to stop receiving the notices. Of course she can't talk to a person, it is a maze of push a-button-for BS. So she has to complain through the bill-paying people. Of course they can conjure up an actual person for that. Corporate self-service, not customer service. We will see if it gets here anywhere and if they actually stop harassing her via a sliver of deforestation aided by a waste of finance in postage.

I will try and get a copy of the notice to post here for viewing pleasure and update on the situation as things unfold. If you have any thoughts, a similar story to tell or an opinion leave it in the comments or send me a message.