The Heart of the World - Documentary

Just finished watching "Heart of the World," a 1991 BBC documentary on the Kogi people in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta highlands of Columbia.  The Kogi are a tribe of indigeneous who survived and successfully isolated themselves from Spanish Conquistadors.

Kogi men chew coca leaves constantly and have a life expectancy of 90 years. The narrator did well to compare coca leaves to coaine as dissimilar as rye bread is from from rye whiskey. Not a cokewhore to be seen in this culture.

The Kogi allowed a film crew to come and take a message to the world to stop hurting our Mother Earth, who they know as Aluna. They see their mountainous region in danger and they are alarmed since it provides a central pillar of life in the region. Snowmelt, sediment and so forth. The Kogi's former coastal cities are now pillaged by grave robbers. Their gold was taken by the Spanish and are under threat of "development" like power plants that sacred freshwater lakes are drained to install nearby, deforestation, mining, etcetera.

When conquistadors waged a moral crusade against the Kogi they used the absurd notion that all the men were homosexual as the basis to wipe them out. Apparently it was common belief in Spain that if it was not for Christianity men would be blowing eachother's brains out in a sexual manner rather than using muskets against "savages," as well as raping or enslaving while stealing their land.

The Kogi appear extremely peaceful and even quarrelling with one's wife is forbidden. They weave their own fabric and dress cleanly in white with a shoulder bag. The white clothing represents the purity of nature. Only men chew coca leaves that are prepared by the women. They carry around a gourd that symbolises the woman. It is filled with lime that breaks down the coca compunds after it numbs the mouth. The lime is extracted with a stick that symbolises the man. The priests of the Kogi are selected at birth and raised for 9 years in darkness. I doubt that would mesh with the child protective services Nazis.

Upon doing further research on the KogiI discovered that twenty years later the Kogi asked for the original filmmaker to return for another lesson about Mother Nature since we did not heed their warning. That new film is Aluna. I am providing the original documentary I found on YouTube and the preview of the new on below. "Aluna" is $2.99 on YouTube.

For more information about the Kogi and the Lost City (Ciudad Perdida): From the Heart of the World - The Elder Brothers Warning is a documentary about the Kogi people who inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain in northern Colombia.

Aluna Trailer by Alan Ereira : Alan Ereira : - The Kogi attach great importance to memory. The memory of events with which the community has been confronted, the memory of social regulations within the group and so forth. "Memory," they say, "is like eyes which were made to see.

Planned Obsolescence: Why products we buy suck

Scope this documentary The Light Bulb Conspiracy on the bluntly named International Energy Cartel. This group of industrialist asset holders got together and agreed to limit the life of products so they could sell us more crap. Internal documents are presented in this film or facts not fiction.

If your pissed at how crappy things are built from panty hose and hair ties to computer printers and light bulbs then watch this to learn more. This phenomena is responsible for escalating the degradation of the environment, pollution, mining, wasting resources and forcing people to waste more of their lives. 

Flint, Michigan: City Water Toxic

Funny enough building codes likely require residents to have city water to make them "habitable." Flint Michigan water is contaminated with trihalomethanes: "[L]inked to increased rates of cancer, kidney and liver failure and adverse birth outcomes. It later emerged that the city knew since the previous May that the THM levels were high — in some places, twice the maximum allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency." Insane enough for you? Not even close, the water costs eight times the national average!

The water has also been found contaminated by bacteria like E. Coli. The water is known to look cloudy or tea like. Residents report rashes, hair loss and diarrhea. One woman cries when she removes her hair from the drain of her shower, certainly not tears of joy. One woman went to the hospital with chronic diarrhea and the doctor asked "have you been drinking the Flint water?"

Turns out the THM toxicity problem is from ramping up the amount of chlorine added to water from the Flint River to combat the bacterial contamination. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. There was a boil your water advisory and people were still getting sick. Even a General Motors plant has stopped using it for fear the water would corrode car engines! For nearly a year the water has stopped using Detroit's system which draws from Lake Huron.

Turns out, like other financially devastated areas in the Rust Belt, Flint is under the control of an "emergency manager" who has authority over the city. Despite a 7-1 vote by the city council to stop using the Flint River for water the emergency manager Jerry Ambrose called the decision "incomprehensible" and vows they will continue to use the water still! “This is a prime example of what dictatorship looks like,” said Nayyirah Shariff, a member of the Flint Democracy Defense League Good luck to the poor folks of Flint. Sounds like Jerry Ambrose is managing the emergency by maintaining it.

Harvard: Pesticide residues on produce devestate sperm count

Sperm count in males eating high pesticide residue produce was half that of men eating lower pesticide residue produce, according to a study from Harvard University. Not much of a surprise since the chemi-kills used for agriculture were repurposed from being WWII chemical warfare agents. Spraying death on produce to increase production is good for the bottom line of big Ag but not for sperm count.

Here is the documentary The World According to Monsanto for some of the insanely diabolical history of one of the biggest in the chemical and GMO food game.

Birth control runoff makes male fish produce eggs

A Canadian Study revealed the introduction of estrogen in a minnow population led to near extinction by interfering with reproduction. Pretty much the male fish underwent a sex change when exposed. This allows the level of insects in the environment to increase, a distortion in nature which could contribute to an increase in disease.

Our effect on natural ecological cycles is devastating simply from pharmaceuticals excreted in urine and feces that pass into the environment after sewage treatment.

Shrimp with traces of Prozac in them have been found recklessly swimming towards bright rather than dark areas making them easy prey.

Another study in the Puget Sound revealed traces of "Cocaine, Spices, Hormones Found in Drinking Water." Pretty much we are not doing nature any favors.

UK-Somali relations tainted by corruption, oil & weapons

A UN based arms embargo against Somalia was lifted to help fight Al-Qaeda. Brilliant. A recent UN report analyzed relations between Britain and Somalia claiming continued corruption is the predominant style of government operating there.

The report claims 70-80% of the weapons are being diverted to the open market. The current president Hassan Sheik Mohamud allegedly has an advisor, Musa Haji Mohamed Ganjab, who allegedly conducted arms deals with the militant jihadist group Al-Shabaab. They both deny any relation or role in these accusations. Al-Shabaab merged with Al-Qaeda in 2012 as announced online in a video. It's predecessor, al-Ittihad al-Islami (AIAI), was partly funded by Osama Bin Laden according to the CFR. Al-Shabaab has been behind massacres of non-muslim and blamed for "killed international aid workers, journalists, civilian leaders and African Union peacekeepers." The UN has done nothing to replace the restrictions just ask them to "improve its compliance."

Somalia's corrupt politicians known to support radical jihadists with arms are given guns normally not allowed to them so they can supposedly fight Al-Qaeda. The insanity doesn't stop there, involving nuclear waste dumping offshore and illegal pillaging of their fisheries. 

Britain has pledged millions to "rebuild" the country which translates as neo-colonialist meddling to me. Recently a UK-based oil firm received the green light to drill in Somalia.

A little background history on Somalia is useful, as it is for the subjects of any news story. The government collapsed in 1991 opening their shores to some real pirates. Without a coast guard the fisheries have been pillaged by profiteers devastating Somalia livelihoods. Nuclear waste dumped offshore sickening its people. So-called pirates evolved from former fisherman to profit on ransom of 25,000 ships in transit to or from the Gulf of Aden. Those who participate in these ransoms live well and are revered in communities for their large bankrolls. The rate of recruiting and hijackings are accelerating.

Somalia has recently been deemed by UNICEF to have the highest child mortality rate in the world, 180 deaths per 1,000 births as of 2010 and worsening. The UNICEF report states "Six areas in southern Somalia have been declared famine zones." Furthermore, "Even before this current crisis, one in six children was dying before their fifth birthday. ... There is no doubt that Somalia is one of the toughest places for a child to survive.”

So there is some of the real story on what is happening in Somalia. Spread the word that bashing struggling fishermen is absurd.

Triclosan Cancerous Chemikill in soap, permeates us and the environment

"Triclosan is an antimicrobial agent of broad-spectrum and one of the most common additives used in a wide range of consumer products, from kitchenware to toys. Studies have also found traces of the chemical in 97 percent of breast milk samples from lactating women and in the urine of nearly three-quarters of people tested. Triclosan is also common in the environment, being one of the seven most-frequently detected compounds in streams across the US."

How much do you hate bacteria? Is cancer better? Seems you don't have a choice since this stuff is everywhere now. This article is in response to a study by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America that revealed Triclosan promotes tumors in the liver. Apparently it is of no better than regular soap for cleaning. Padding the clientele of the cancer industrial complex on the other hand... It is even in toys and used to clean surgical tools! 

I use Dr. Bronner's soap religiously, fair trade, hemp castille based and organic! There are a dozen or so different essential oil types available and a plain one if the oils are too harsh.

Triclosan is also in toothpaste, but the article claims it is insignificant amounts and should not pose danger. If it has fluoride in it though, get a legit toothpaste like Tea Tree Therapy Toothpaste. A study found this contaminate is found in sewage plant treated water at levels of 75%.

Geo-engineering "fixes" could harm billions

Chemtrails spraying sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere and mimic the cooling effect of volcanoes. Dumping nitrogen to cause massive algal blooms in the ocean to absorb CO2. There are other Dr. Evil sounding stuff among the "fixes" for climate change like artificial trees. How could it go wrong?

The problems with the environment are vastly more expansive than CO2. In my book that Tell me some strategy for fixing the environment that works. I doubt a bunch of smart-dumb people meddling with atmospheric balance of the planet is the solution. They have utterly failed to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide, and created a molecular version of modern day Catholic Church indulgences. How about preparing for sea rise as an inevitable reality beyond our control of the planet. Not to mention that the sun drives the warming of our planet at a fundamental level goes through cycles we will likely never fully understand?

Trying to "solve" a problem without addressing the causes would likely kill most patients in the medical field. Not preventing the illness ensures plenty of patients to patiently be bilked for money until their deaths. How about the conspiracy against cannabis hemp to ensure a market for deforesting the planet!? That was an agenda furthered by racist propaganda demonizing Mexicans and Blacks for the benefits of bankers, industrialist, propagandists and the police state at post-prohibition strength. See the documentary Grass to learn more on this conspiracy fact. Until we face more fundamental issues on the climate of our planet it is easy to point at morons living in historic floodplains and proclaim Armageddon is coming. With all the heavy metals and other disease causing chemikills humanity could be too retarded to care about anything soon. Autism is at 1 in 68 today from 1 in 150 in 2000. Of course claims have been made that they are better at detecting autism so does that imply 1 in 68 is a normal rate of autism?

After the epic failure that is the wars on terror, drugs, poverty and so forth, I am wary of generalizing any quick fix that involves global systems. How is that globalization house of cards doing? We could more sanely spend some money on desalination plants and permaculture. There is a slew of legit causes to fund. But nobody is terrorizing the masses into using common sense. Common sense is not profitable for the people who enslave the globe with media, governments, corporations and the military being middlemen for reality, control, basic human needs and security.

[BBC] Geo-engineering: Climate fixes 'could harm billions'

Saltwater to be harnessed as a makeshift battery

Thought it would be good to start off after my blog break with a positive news story. This is Dutch research on a technology being called Blue Energy that separates positive and negative ions in saltwater. It is hoped the technology will be commercially viable or production in the 20's. So long as they don't sell out to big oil who will sit on the patent to eliminate competition. Most of the Earth's population lives on the ocean so this would be pretty sweet.

With the insanity of the spread out power grid the majority of electricity is LOST in transmission. Check out this chart below from the US Department of Energy. Furthermore, most energy is used to complete bullshit like heated handsoap or industrial excess. I wonder how much is lost just sitting idling in traffic. Have bioregional power sources and more efficiently using electricity would certainly help pave the way for a brighter future.

GMO labeling movement overlooks Roundup dangers

The following article lays out a bizarre history of a seemingly blatant conspiracy to limit population with toxic treachery and famine. While people cry wolf about the GMO foods causing cancer it overlooks the FACT that the chemical herbicide glyphosate/Roundup is a major component in the ill health effects. Therefore there should be a move to label for glyphosate, no just GMOs, since it is used for other non-GMO crops.

This link is to the outline of a discussion with an MIT Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Stephanie Seneff. 

GLYPHOSATE: Monsanto’s Magnificent Red Herring [The Liberty Beacon]

In 1972 these words were uttered in an interview of Robert S. MacNamara who at the time was head of the World Bank and also former Secretary of Defense famous for admitting war in Vietnam was started on false pretenses (see the documentary Fog of War). 

”One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means: famine and sickness.”

In 1974 a Monsanto scientist discovered that Glyphosate, a chemical used to CLEAN PIPES was an effective herbicide. I am pretty sure if you pour inorganic chemicals on things it does not help with that organisms survival. Since then it has been all up in the food supply.

This laid the groundwork for making genetic modifications to plants so they can survive the chemicals being applied to them. The major funding source for this research turns out to be the Rockefeller foundation. 

Later on trade agreements guaranteed Monsanto's market with trade agreements (not-so-free market BS) and insulated them from liability for this toxic practice. For instance, when these frankenfoods cross-pollinate neighboring crops Monsanto is not only absolved from paying damages but even can effectively sue for copyright infringement. 

A French study in 2008 showed the cancerous effects on rats of GMO and despite this in 2013 the EPA increased by 3,000% the permissible limits of glyphosate. They might as well call Roundup RoundDown since it is clearly population control and a subsidy to the Medical Industrial Complex.

Good luck having a revolution with a bunch of tumors eating your body. If it wasn't for genetic modification these chemicals would kill the plants food is harvested from. It is pretty much a surrogate for feeding sheeple chemikills. 

On top of this toxic chemical tendency includes a worsened interaction with other things that pollute the human body. Patents have expired in the early 90's and copycat versions have since proliferated. Sri Lanka has actually banned Glyphosate due to the effects on the liver and kidneys. 

One way to avoid RoundDown produce is looking at the PLU code:

"Anything that is modified shows up with a code beginning with a 5 or an 8. Organic produce codes begin with a 9, while conventionally-grown produce codes start with a 3 or a 4. ... Conventionally-grown produce can still have been subjected to Glyphosate in RoundUp, and still merit use of the codes beginning with 3 or 4."

So if the GMO labeling campaign is a success it is a faux-victory since they even create other GMO-ish plant varieties by exposing them to radiation that are not considered to be GMO. If you want healthy food it should be done yourself. Otherwise you can be stuffing little Trojan horses in your face and not ever know it. 

Undrinkable drinking water in America

Epic failures to provide safe drinking water to people have resulted from the business as usual of destroying the natural environment. The NYT article, "The Threats to Our Drinking Water" cites two major incidents that compromised a large sector of peoples water supplies.

The Elk River in Charleston, West Virginia, was polluted massively from 7,500 gallons of a coal processing chemical called 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM). Ironically the company responsible is called Freedom Industries, which granted 300,000 people across nine counties freedom from clean drinking water. 

The other case in Toledo, Ohio caused 400,000 peoples drinking water to be declared unsafe due to the toxic blue-green algal blooms in Lake Erie resulting from fertilizer runoff. Microcystin, the toxin secreted by Microcystis Aeruginosa is a cyanotoxin, not required to be testing for by federal water quality regulations. It 

These blooms are a major problem where I reside in northern California where low river flows from water diversion exacerbates the blooms from local agriculture runoff. As a result public notices have to be posted warning that children, the elderly and pets can die from exposure to this water. Oh Joy. And dams along the rivers actually created large stagnant pools where these blooms flourish. It particularly sucks for the indigenous people here who conduct rituals in the rivers that their cultures revolve around. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Among cyanotoxins are some of the most powerful natural poisons known, including poisons which can cause rapid death by respiratory failure.[1] The toxins include potent neurotoxinshepatotoxinscytotoxins, and endotoxins. Recreational exposure to cyanobacteria can result in gastro-intestinal and hay fever symptoms or pruritic skin rashes.[2] Exposure to the cyanobacteria neurotoxin BMAA may be an environmental cause of neurodegenerative diseases such as ALSParkinson's Disease andAlzheimer's Disease.[3] There is also an interest in the military potential of biological neurotoxins such as cyanotoxins, which "have gained increasing significance as potential candidates for weaponization."[4]

As if it is bad enough there is fluoride put into two-thirds of the countries water supply.