Unstacking the Deck - Carol Brouillet 2009-02-19

Carol Brouillet is the creator of the Deception Dollar, worth more than the paper they are printed on than unlike Federal Reserve notes forced on the world. Here are a few images below of her amazing work that is informative and positive. She has also been extensively involved with numerous non-profits and media counteracting the torrent of lies excreted by the lamestream media. Check out here bio here on her website communitycurrency.org with a mountain of resources on community currency and other leads for truth seekers. Some resources Carol recommended for listeners are David Ray Griffin's 9/11: The Myth and the Reality,  the documentaries 911 Press for Truth & Improbable Collapse Demolition of our Republic, and the website 911truth.org .

Jason Bermas on Unstacking the Deck 2009-02-26

Unstacking the Deck - Anthony J Hilder 2008-10-20

Anthony J Hilder, a self-described Revelationary, joined me for a conversation about an array of topics. On our conversational journey he mentions how John D. Rockefeller stated "competition is a sin," which is in line with the Robber Baron philosophy. The Rockefellers had documented ties with Nazis, Prescott Bush, Brown Brothers Harriman (the predecessor of KBR Halliburton, Dick Cheney's company, which got no-bid contracts for work in the countries his administration invaded). Below is an epic documentary "Bush Family Fortunes," by award winning journalist Greg Palast, chronicling money originating from investments in the Nazis despite existing trade restrictions that resulted in Trading with the Enemy Act charges. The Bush family also is involved with the Carlyle Group, the Saudi royal Family and the Bin Ladens. Also discussed: Henry Ford, the Trilateral Commission, FEMA Regional Governors, Agenda 21 and more.

Unstacking the Deck - Derrick Jensen 2009-03-26

My Interview with Derrick Jensen.

Derrick Jensen was a guest on my show Unstacking the Deck, on Humboldt State University's student radio station KRFH Radio Free Humboldt 105.1 FM. Jensen "has been called the poet-philosopher of the ecological movement." Visit DerrickJensen.org to learn more and get his books.

Jensen defined civilization as a way of life with the growth of cities, even part of the word root. A city is a collection of people living in concentrations requiring resource importation. This way of living is unsustainable and must be violence-based since trade is not reliable, if you need it you will take it. Military is needed to get oil from foreign lands. What are we gonna do about that?

Jensen grew up in Colorado, got an degree in mineral engineering physics, but didn't want a wage job life then end up feeling regretting life at 55. He wanted to write going back to school for creative writing. Jensen taught for a few years, wrote tons until he publishing his breakthrough book A Language Older Than Words. He quotes Bertolt Brecht, "Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it."

Jensen's book Endgame asks if people think we'll undergo a voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of living. Most people say no. Jensen wonders what does that mean for your strategy and tactics. People don't talk about it, so we don't know. People delude themselves that something magical will happen. What salmon need to survive is dam removal and a stop to industrial economy, industrial logging, fishing, agriculture, and oceans not to be murdered. People want to save salmon without changing the way of life. “Solutions” take capitalism as a given and the natural must conform.

The environment is #6 on a list of priorities. People focus on short-term issues, primary emergencies, rather than the long-term. Anti-porn activists are white and salmon activists are white or indigenous. Blacks are likely to be police brutality activists.

There is a divide between those who do something and those who do nothing. Institutional change is brought on by force. Bus lines were brought to knees economically by Rosa Parks, didn't change voluntarily.

Jensen has Crohn's disease, a symptom of civilization. His body attacks itself, his doctor describes it as a police riot, ironic considering his politics. Fellow Author Lierre Keith convinced him to stop eating wheat for the benefit of his condition. His doctor would have urged this earlier but said most people do not listen to dietary suggestions.

Cancer, another disease of civilization, kills our loved ones yet we do nothing. We still do not resist. A hypothetical scenario to illustrate our insanity is if space aliens came and destroyed the environment we would likely fight them. Buying CFLs isn't going to solve anything.

I ask Jensen if he thinks it is an act in futility. Most recycling is shipped overseas to places with poor environmental protections and plastics are not made to be recycled. He thinks it is good to do but 1660 lbs of waste is made per person annually, 26 tons including industrial waste. Even a die-hard sustainability activist cannot offset 26 tons. Jensen notes this tricky thing people in power have done, put blame on us for water, gas and waste production. A climate change activist feels bad driving a few hours to visit family which is trivial. People are dying of thirst for cattle raising, Coca-Cola, semi-conductor factories, etc. Golf courses use same amount as people do. Lawns, pools, irrigated alfalfa fields and Las Vegas defy nature when it comes to water. CA-Senator Diane Feinstein even said it's a god-given right to water lawns. Charles Hurwitz did far more damage to redwood forests than somebody with a redwood deck.

The rest of this description is in a comment below since the character limit is insufficient for containing a summary of this 70 minute interview.

Professor Kevin Barrett on Unstacking the Deck

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Kevin Barrett was a guest on my show Unstacking the Deck, on Humboldt State University's student radio station KRFH Radio Free Humboldt 105.1 FM. He was a professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison who came under fire for his skepticism of the official government version of events on September 11, 2001 which led us into the seemingly neverending war on terror. He was on Bill O'Reilly, among many other media outlets, and start off with a clip of that.

We discuss how Dick Cheney's wife Lynn initiated the attack on him in order to make an example. Then get into evidence that from the start in office the Bush administration began plans to invade Iraq, carving up their oil fields, and Afghanistan, for making a deal with an Argentinian company for a pipeline. The Taliban were told they could have a carpet of gold or bombs, depending on it they played ball or not.

Analyzing the oafishal story Barrett points out how most of the alleged hijackers were Saudi and in the US on a military agreement with Saudi Arabia referred to as a "snitch" visa for doing dirt for the CIA for a couple years. Also these visas were initially denied by whistleblower Mike Springman, an American visa official that was overridden by higher up. Furthermore, we discuss the farfetched concept of a handful of guys based in a cave that orchestrated these attacks.

Barrett breaks down the issue of division in the 911 Truth movement, which he dedicates himself to full-time following his unceremonious firing from UW. Simple disagreemnts fracture the movement, ill-intended or not, this serves to do more damage than good to the cause.

Later we discuss the documented history of conspiracy fact that larger nations give convenient excuses of being attacked smaller nations, this later turns out to be false. Nonetheless these governments still end up taking a lot of land from. For instance Mexican and Spanish-American Wars. The sinking of the USS Maine, which was supposedly attacked, is generally accepted to have been an accident or intentional explosion from inside the ship. William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper owning yellow journalist affectionately referred to the Spanish-American Was as "his". In WWI a freighter was sent into German U-boat (submarine) waters and predictably sunk leading to entry into that war. WWII was entered post Pearl Harbor after the Japanese oil supply was cut off and their codes broken, meaning a willful sacrifice of 2,000 US Naval personnel. The Vietnam War began from a now known falsified attack on the US in the Gulf of Tonkin, as chronicled in the documentary Fog of War complete with admission from the Secretary of Defense of the time, Robert MacNamara.

Professor Paul Zarembka on Unstacking the Deck 2009-04-09

Economics Professor Paul Zarembka was a guest on my show Unstacking the Deck, on Humboldt State University's student radio station KRFH Radio Free Humboldt 105.1 FM. Zarembka is a professor of economics at the State University of New York at Buffalo He has been the general editor for Research in Political Economy since 1977. I learned of him on a lobbying trip to Sacramento for my political science senior project. While doing a keyword search I found the book The Hidden History of 9-11 which was a reprint of his journal. I later brought him to HSU for my economics senior project where he presented on suspicious economic activity on 9/11 and also spoke about the anomalous flight activity of the alleged hijacked planes on 9/11.

We discuss the unprecedented level on 9/11/2001 of airline stock put options, which preserve the value of a stock believed to plummet. The obvious controlled demolition of the twin towers and World Trade Center building 7, which is scarcely known about by the public, the third steel framed building in history to collapse, the twin towers being the first two. Also discussed was Marvin Bush's position as head of security for the WTC complex. How odd it was that the NYC emergency operations center was at the oddest possible location, being the WTC complex, a target of terrorism. We also got into the apparent shooting down of Flight 93, even a slip of Donald Rumsfeld publicly stating it at one point.

The concept of large conspiracies remaining intact is later discusses. Some examples given include the Manhattan Project which used the labor of hundreds of thousands who were compartmentalized. Also, Operation Gladio, false flag terror attacks waged by the US government in Italy, which was publicly admitted 30 years later. False flags are also discussed, some examples include the sinking of the Lusitania, a boat sent into German U-Boat (submarine) controlled waters, certain death that lead to US entry in WWI. Next, the suspicious explosion on the USS Maine provoking the Spanish-American War.  There is also the botched espionage event known as the Lavon Affair in which Israeli intelligence were to detonate bombs in American, British and Egyptian targets to be blamed later on Muslim extremists. The later admitted lies from the Gulf of Tonkin incident, used to justify public entry into the Vietnam War, which was already using American “advisers” aka forces.

Zarembka is the author of Toward a Theory of Economic Development, editor of Frontiers in Econometrics, and co-editor of Essays in Modern Capital Theory.

Unstacking the Deck Sander Hicks

Sander Hicks was a guest on my show Unstacking the Deck, on Humboldt State University's student radio station KRFH Radio Free Humboldt 105.1 FM. I met Sander when I found out he was passing through the area and booked him to do a presentation on an apparently assassinated 9/11 whistleblower, "Who Killed Dr. Graham."  He helped found VoxPop which focuses on a revolutionary and sustainably minded customer base. Hicks wrote a book called "The Big Wedding" about the tenuous intelligence network connections to 9/11.

We discuss FBI mafia corruption, the book Media Monopoly by Ben Bagdikian, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander, the mind-control that is advertising originating with Sigmund Freud's distortion of theories at the hand of his nephew Edward Bernays.

We discuss the 911 Truth movement and discuss his work on Dr. Graham. Hicks believes he was one of the first victims of the 9/11 cover-up. He tried to get the FBI to look at some of the alleged hijackers before the attacks. Graham was treated with hostility by the FBI and he sought to publish a book about this following the attacks. Hicks tried following the command chain of grievances in reporting his findings with no response, even when one was promised by the Justice Department.

We also discussed the Bush family cocaine connection. Also the DC Madame, who ran a prostitution ring in Washington DC and was found dead after she refused settling the case. She was found dead by hanging after pledging to not kill herself and wanted to discuss her operation since the clientele included military, government officials and others who are in reality hypocrites.

We also discussed my activist incident on Delta Flight 1165 when I put stickers questioning government version of events on the day of 9/11/2001. I was in the middle of the case still at the time so couldn't quite get into it too thoroughly.

We discuss a book called The Iron Triangle on the Carlyle Group and the Bin Laden connection. The Bin Laden family was meeting with the Bushes on 9/11/2001. Bush Jr. ended up becoming more of a moderate on North Korea and Israel in interest of defense contracting investments.

In the end we discussed the Obama presidency being not much different than the Bush regime. Then some dabbling in the financial system as being part of the root issues beneath many issues of importance.